Welcome to the perfect fusion of accountable local service and global competitiveness!

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Our factories and local team of experts understand the value of reliable service to all of our clients. We have pioneered in establishing operations in the U.S. for the following customer benefits:

  1. Efficient contact by any means: phone, text, mail, IM, etc.

  2. Seamless communication with no time or language barriers.

  3. Thorough understanding of customer demands and industry practices

  4. The ability to collaborate for an interactive product development experience.

  5. Professional logistics coordination and follow-up, for optimized scheduling and cost efficiency.

  6. Local payment transactions.

  7. Inventory.

    • Vendor Managed Inventory programs available, or simple warehousing programs also available.

    • Moderate minimum order quantities maintained, enabling more customers the ability to upgrade to your preferred woven packaging with ease.

Our collaborative teams across the globe are always at work for you.